Patient Testimonials

Testimonial Kathy Rudkin

Jeff was the first person to diagnose our daughter with a profound hearing loss when she was only four years old. Being a parent and being hit with this information is beyond traumatic and he was so kind in his delivery and helpful in taking us to the next step. Fast-forward 15 years later and he is still the most incredible audiologist we have used.

Kathy Rudkin

Testimonial Tatum Hubble

Through the years, Hill Country Audiology has been exceptional in their service to our daughter Tatum. These people are so caring and have made our experience so enjoyable. Tatum would not be where she is today without the wonderful care she has gotten from them. We highly recommend Hill Country Audiology!

The Hubble Family

Testimonial Emma Rudkin

This entire journey first started with Jeff and I have met many hearing professionals along the way but he is the most outstanding one I have had the pleasure of working with. Not only is he a wonderful audiologist but an encourager and friend. He is only the professional I have worked with that has never said any words that robbed me of my faith in overcoming.

Emma Rudkin

Testimonial Pat Hudgins

I should state that I don’t normally write a fan letter to a health care provider, but this will be an exception. I have a diagnosis of Meniere’s disease and have had hearing problems for more than 15 years. When I moved to Kerrville more than ten years ago, I was fortunate to find Hill County Audiology and their caring, competent staff.

Pat Hudgins

Testimonial Miles Horton

Jeff Sirianni and his wonderful staff at Hill Country Audiology have provided one of the finest examples of great customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere. I could tell you all about the smiles that greet me each time I walk into their offices, the rapid response time.

Mrs. Miles Horton

Testimonial Caroline Hanson

In my opinion, Hill Country Audiology is the best in Kerrville. Doctors Jeff and Eric are friendly, personable and extremely helpful. Getting my hearing aids from them has greatly improved my quality of life. They follow-up on patients to be certain everything is going well. What’s not to like? Give them a try.

Dr. Caroline Hanson

Testimonial Jim Butcher

My first visit to Dr. Hicks was for a general checkup. I did not think I had much of a hearing loss. Dr. Hicks did a very thorough exam and showed me where my hearing problems existed. At that point, all the decisions were up to me. Dr. Hicks did not push the sale of hearing devices, but explained how they would enhance my life and relationship.

Jim and Karen Butcher

Testimonial Curt Shrier

Hola, from Empalme, Mexico. Actually, I’m back in Rockport after a medical mission for a couple weeks to rural villages in Sonora, Mexico. I can’t tell you what a difference my new hearing aids have made in things like this, as well as just in daily living!

Dr. Curt Shirer