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Our office is proud to offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, from consultations and hearing evaluations, all the way to helping you pick out your hearing aid and finding the perfect fit!

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Welcome to Hill Country Audiology Service

At Hill Country Audiology Service, our goal is to provide every patient with the utmost excellence in hearing healthcare services. We realize this goal through professional education, continual training, and the use of state-of-the-art products and technology. All of this in a caring and compassionate environment.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our Doctors of Audiology provide thorough testing to individuals, including adults, children, and infants, having suspected hearing and/or balance difficulties.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

No two people are the same in regards to hearing difficulties, lifestyle, listening needs, and budget. We pride ourselves in helping all of our patients in the selection of the hearing aid style and technology that is best for them.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Continued Care

As important as choosing the right hearing aid and technology is making sure your hearing aids are properly fitted and fine-tuned to your ear. We also see our patients on an ongoing basis to ensure their devices are functioning at their best and make adjustments.

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Management

Cerumen or ear wax can accumulate in the ear canals over time, especially for children, older adults, and persons wearing hearing devices. Our doctors are skilled and trained in a variety of methods for safely and comfortably removing excessive cerumen.

Hearing Protection Devices

Along with education on the effects of noise exposure on hearing, our office can provide recommendations to individuals needing hearing protection when using firearms, listening to or playing loud music, or when operating farm equipment or industrial machinery.

Hearing Conservation Services

OSHA regulations require certain companies to educate and to monitor the hearing of employees exposed to excessive noise in the workplace. We can provide testing, analysis, and reporting for companies of any size with the ultimate goal of preventing hearing loss due to industrial noise exposure.

Meet Our Team

Visit our offices and meet our knowledgeable staff ready to help you hear better today! We provide hearing evaluations, treatment options and a diverse collection of today’s top hearing technologies! Let us help you hear better!

We Use the Latest Technology to Better Aid You

  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Signia
  • ReSound
  • Starkey
  • Widex

Our Patients Really Love Us


Jeff was the first person to diagnose our daughter with a profound hearing loss when she was only four years old. Being a parent and being hit with this information is beyond traumatic and he was so kind in his delivery and helpful in taking us to the next step. Fast-forward 15 years later and he is still the most incredible audiologist we have used.

Kathy Rudkin

Jeff Sirianni and his wonderful staff at Hill Country Audiology have provided one of the finest examples of great customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere. I could tell you all about the smiles that greet me each time I walk into their offices, the rapid response time.

Mrs. Miles Horton

Through the years, Hill Country Audiology has been exceptional in their service to our daughter Tatum. These people are so caring and have made our experience so enjoyable. Tatum would not be where she is today without the wonderful care she has gotten from them. We highly recommend Hill Country Audiology!

The Hubble Family

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