Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Comprehensive hearing evaluations are performed in order to assess the function of the hearing mechanism. At the start of each appointment, we’ll learn about your hearing history, to determine possible causes and types of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Video-otoscopy (examination of the external auditory canals on a large television) is performed to determine presence of excessive earwax buildup, condition of the auditory canal, as well as integrity of the eardrum. We also assess the condition and function of both your middle and inner ear.

In the final step of the hearing evaluation, we’ll check your hearing performance with both tones and speech.

Taken together, these tests give our audiologists the information needed to fully assess and diagnose the presence of hearing loss, and its effects on communication abilities. These tests are painless and only last minutes, and help our doctors create the right hearing care plan for you.

Once the results from the exam are obtained, we’ll share the results with you and explain the type and degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing, along with a plan for treatment.