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Hearing Aid How To: Wax Trap Replacement

Step by step instructions for changing wax guards/wax traps for receiver in the canal style hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Care - Phonak Audeo Marvel Rechargeable.

In this video we discuss basic care, charging, and maintenance for your Phonak Audeo Marvel Rechargeable hearing aids. While this video specifically discusses Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids, many of these tips apply to other hearing aid manufacturers, styles and models. For more information, contact your hearing healthcare provider.

How to Change Hearing Aid Wax Traps or Cerustop Filters

In this video we discuss 2 common types of wax guards or filters for replacement in various hearing aids. While this video directly addresses Phonak receiver in the canal hearing aids, these steps apply to various other styles of hearing aids as well. If you are not sure if this needs to be done for your hearing aids, contact your local hearing healthcare provider to obtain this information.