Our Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Comprehensive hearing evaluations are performed in order to assess the function of the hearing mechanism. At the start of each appointment, we’ll learn about your hearing history, to determine possible causes and types of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Video-otoscopy (examination of the external auditory canals on a large television) is performed to determine presence of excessive earwax buildup, condition of the auditory canal, as well as integrity of the eardrum. We also assess the condition and function of both your middle and inner ear.

In the final step of the hearing evaluation, we’ll check your hearing performance with both tones and speech.

Taken together, these tests give our audiologists the information needed to fully assess and diagnose the presence of hearing loss, and its effects on communication abilities. These tests are painless and only last minutes, and help our doctors create the right hearing care plan for you.

Once the results from the exam are obtained, we’ll share the results with you and explain the type and degree of hearing loss you may be experiencing, along with a plan for treatment.

Hearing Protection Devices

In some cases, protecting your hearing calls for a custom solution. While over-the-counter ear plugs and earmuffs reduce noise to a much safer level, our custom protection options are made to your unique needs and fit specifically to your ear. For those that encounter regular and prolonged noise, a custom option will provide you years of top-notch protection.

Custom Hearing Protection

Permanent hearing loss can occur in as little as 15 minutes with exposure to certain sounds — and almost instantly with unprotected exposure to sounds generated from firearms and certain power tools.

At 90dB of continuous noise, your hearing is susceptible to permanent damage. The average impulse noise of a gunshot generates 140dB of sound. SoundGear provides immediate, effective protection from the damaging sound of gun blasts.

There are some solutions available: SoundGear Hearing

Hearing Conservation Services

Many who experience hearing loss can recall situations where their environment may have played a role in damaging their hearing. Loud machinery, gunfire, and loud concerts are only a few examples. Prolonged high-decibel noise is a proven danger, and we can help you or your organization prevent hearing loss. The best way to address hearing loss is to avoid it in the first place, and our team will help you develop a plan to reduce risks to hearing.

Cerumen (Ear Wax) Management

Most everyone produces earwax, known by its medical name as cerumen. Cerumen is excreted by the outside part of the ear, where it serves the purpose of protecting the eardrum from foreign objects. Cerumen also helps prevent infections. In many cases, the ear canal will produce an excessive amount of cerumen, which can cause an obstruction, reducing your ability to hear and causing problems with your hearing aids.

Our Audiologists are specially trained to remove excess amounts of cerumen buildup using various techniques. In many cases, patients are seen on a regular basis for cerumen management and ear cleaning. Beyond in-office cleaning, we’ll also work with you on a cerumen management plan.

Professional Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Consultation

In many cases following comprehensive hearing evaluation, a hearing aid consultation is recommended. In this consultation, we’ll determine what hearing aid style and technology level is most appropriate, based on your lifestyle and communication needs. We’ve been voted Best Hearing Aid Center in Kerrville for 8 consecutive years, and we’ve built our reputation on achieving results for our patients in a caring, professional, and service-oriented practice.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Care

Hill Country Audiology provides a full line of digital hearing aids from several manufacturers including Phonak, GN ReSound, Oticon, and many others. Once we’ve agreed upon a treatment plan that includes hearing aids, we’ll place your order and set up an appointment for fitting. During this fitting appointment, we’ll set up your hearing aids based on your latest test results, fine tune them to your ear, and verify their performance.

Once your hearing aids are fitted, our team will educate you on how to properly use them, what to expect using hearing devices, along with tips for proper care and maintenance.

We like to see our patients on a regular basis following their hearing aid fitting to ensure that their devices are functioning correctly and providing adequate benefit.

Hill Country Audiology provides services to ensure that each patients hearing devices are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Our Doctors of Audiology, as well as office staff, are equipped to perform routine maintenance and many hearing aid repairs in office to help ensure proper hearing aid function, as well as prolong the life of your hearing devices. It is important to note that to receive the most benefit, hearing aids are not “set and forget.” Much like eyeglass prescriptions require verification and occasional changes, hearing aids require adjustments and regular maintenance.