Phonak Lyric: Extended-Wear Hearing Devices

Posted on September 1, 2016


Hill Country Audiology Service is pleased to offer Lyric, the world’s only 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device you can wear 24/7 for months at a time. The revolutionary design permits Lyric to sit invisibly in the ear canal, allowing for the benefits of the natural ear canal resonance properties. There is no daily insertion or removal of the devices, no batteries to change, and so they are worn 24/7 for an estimated 6 to 8 weeks. Users can wear Lyric during most daily activities, like sleeping, showering, and exercising.

Lyric devices are professionally inserted into the innermost region of the ear canal so that they are within 4 mm of the eardrum, resulting in hearing devices that are essentially invisible. Along with cosmetics, using everyday items such as a cell phone or earphones is effortless. Many patients like the convenience of not having to remember to put them on in the morning and take them off before going to bed. Several like the added sense of security of hearing at night, particularly those living alone or having loved ones that might need attention during the night. Lyric may be suitable for teenagers and young adults that struggle with the stigma of wearing hearing devices. Lyric may also be suitable for persons that cannot remember to put in our take out their devices on a daily basis, to change their batteries or clean their devices when necessary, or have issues losing their hearing devices, such as persons in long-term care facilities.

Following an audiological evaluation, candidacy for Lyric devices is determined based on type and degree of hearing loss, medical history, and the size, shape, skin condition, and configuration of the ear canals. Because Lyric devices are worn over an extended period of time, they must remain properly seated and comfortable in the ear canal. The extended wear comfort provided by Lyric devices has been greatly improved with the newly designed shape and materials used in the current devices to avoid excessive pressure on the skin of the ear canals as well as to promote breathability within the ear canal. While most ear canals can tolerate the extended wear nature of Lyric, certain conditions may cause discomfort or pain, indicating that daily wear hearing devices might be more tolerable. In other words, Lyric may be indicated for selected individuals while other individuals seeking improved hearing health may be better served using daily wear devices. The audiologist performing the evaluation for Lyric candidacy will advise each patient as to which options are available, including whether Lyric is an appropriate option.

Because Lyric is an extended wear device, it is worn 24 hours per day, seven days per week* and can be proactively removed by the patient under certain extenuating circumstances. Lyric wearers have a magnetic wand that can be used to either adjust volume, put the devices into “sleep” mode (reduced volume when sleeping), or switch them off completely. Lyric can be worn during almost all activities including bathing, exercise, and sleeping although special precautions are taken to keep excessive water from getting into the devices such as when showering or swimming**.

The use of Lyric devices is provided on a yearly subscription basis, including the initial 30-day trial period†. Persons having an active Lyric subscription are entitled to one year of replacement devices as needed (up to eight per ear annually). Most wearers of Lyric are seen in the office every 6-8 weeks for replacement with the removal and insertion of new devices taking about five minutes. For those wearers of Lyric who spend extended time traveling or live in different parts of the country during certain parts of the year, replacement devices can be obtained through another authorized Lyric provider.

The first step in determining whether one is a candidate for Lyric is to schedule an appointment for an audiological evaluation through our office by calling 830-792- 4060. Further information on Lyric can be found on our website at

* Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

** Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof, and should not be completely submerged under water.

† Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trial. Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See a Lyric provider to determine if Lyric is right for you.

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